Tioga Pass Ride

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In early June Timber and I finally made a run for Tioga Pass so that we could ride our road bikes over it since we had been talking about doing it for the past few years. We missed the weekend when the road was closed to cars but open to bikes (it was only opened up to Olmstead Point). We left the house really early, and when we got there we debated on where we should start from. I had the thought that we had to do a minimum of 70 miles on the ride but Timber wanted the ride to be as short as possible. After stopping to look at bears a few times we finally decided on a place to start, got our gear set, and rode. We started by going up hill for a while, then finally got a break from the climbing and went down a for a while. The entire ride was a lot of up and down, and by the time we got to Olmstead Point we decided that there was no need to go any further. We sat under a tree and had our lunch in the view of Half Dome and Clouds Rest. After that we turned around and worked our way back to the car. Our total ride was about 27 miles. Luckily for us there were not a lot of cars on the road because there are places where the shoulder is very small. Overall I would recommend the ride because the scenery is beautiful but you should be careful because the road can be narrow at times and drivers may be paying more attention to the scenery than the road. Our photos are posted here.

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