Carlsbad Half Marathon

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A long time ago, September to be exact, Timber approached me with the idea of doing a half marathon.  I had to think for a minute to remember what distance a half marathon is (13.1 miles), and I did remember all I could do is grunt.  As it turned out Diane was signing up for it and wanted to know if we were interested in doing it too.  I vaguely remembered that doing a half marathon was on my 2010 goals list for the year, so I said "sure".  After that we started planning for it, finding training plans, and started training.

We found Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training Program and set the timing for the training.  We started the training on November 1st, and it ended on January 20th.  We didn't do all the training that was called for, but I'd say we did a pretty decent job of following the guidelines.

When it came to setting goals my goal was simple, just finish.  Timber was a little bit more ambitious.  She wanted to finish in under 3 hours.

When the race finally started we both felt pretty good and had a pretty good pace for the first few miles.  By mile 5 or so I started feeling like Timber was going to pull away from me.  By mile 7 or so I started my first bit of walking, and by mile 10 I started walking more than I was running.  Every time, however, I was motivated to pick up the pace again so that I could keep up with Timber.  She was a machine, and she ran much faster than I expected.  By the time we were nearly done my right knee was hurting and my legs were starting to stiffen up, but we ran for the last bit and crossed the finish line holding hands.  I hope I can track down a picture of that finish because I think that it will be a metaphor for our future together. 

And by the way, we did finish in just under 3 hours.  Here are the stats:
Total Race Time = 2:58:15
Total Pace =
My ranking for my age group =
M 30-34: 439 out of 453
My ranking for all men =
2540 out of 2711
My overall ranking =
6266 out of 7105

Timber's stats:
Total Race Time = 2:58:16 (not sure why she is 1 s behind me since we held hands as we crossed the line)
Total Pace =
Her ranking for her age group =
734 out of 831
Her ranking for all men = 
3727 out of 4394
Her overall ranking =
6267 out of 7105

Here are my Nike+ stats:
Distance = 12.77 miles (not sure why it didn't give me the full 13.1 miles)
Time = 2:50:45 (this was how long I spent running/walking), the difference between this and the other time is the time I spend stopping for the restroom and stopping to stretch
Pace = 13'22'' mile
Calories = 2208

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